I’m surprised I haven’t seen the works of Hans Bellmer on here.

 This piece is made of wood and is about the size of a real person.

 He also made this:


 As well as a whole load of others.

 He was a surrealist artist who created the first of his dolls (die Puppe) in 1933. He was definitely one of the more unique artists in the movement, and is definitely worth looking up if you’re interested in ball jointed dolls and/or surrealism.

I’m certain we’ve had him here before! However, I don’t think I tagged them, but I really love his work!

A lot of people forget or overlook porcelain dolls, possibly because of the stereotype/”stigma” (I hesitate to use that word) that old or antique porcelain dolls are creepy. Okay, this doesn’t really help them, but that doesn’t mean being creepy is a bad thing!

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