Ohhhh ‘kay. So while I was shirking everything and redressing my Monster High Draculaura, I came across quite the… situation. Shoes are a bitch to get off. Seriously, how these were designed for children is insane omg.

ANYWAYS I did some googling and research and came up bone dry for how to fix this issue, so I thought I’d do my own, short and easy how-to.

Here is the issue this post will be telling you how to fix:

This is for fixing the lower leg piece, where it snaps off at the knee, not restringing the upper leg.

Check it out below the cut.

All right, so in your strain to get shoes off, you find that the leg comes with it! As seen here:

I was lucky enough to have both pieces intact with neither the pin(knee/circle) or peg were damaged.

If they are damaged, you can contact Mattel and have them help you with replacement pieces.

Step 1: Take a moment to realize that this is not a Create-A-Monster set and the leg should not look like that or do that when taking off shoes.

Yup… Yup that’s broken.

Good, now moving on.

Here you can see the pin and that it has a small seam in the center.

I figured what needed to happen is somehow pull apart this pin/hook enough to shove the peg of the other piece back in.

The best way I saw this was to use jewelry pliers.

The above are flat-nose pliers, however round and others will work just as well. As long as they’re relatively small and tapered to a point.

Now unless you have four hands available or you’re a Hindu god, it’s a good idea to have your doll on something with good traction, like one of these rubber-grip things used to open pickle jars:

This is just a small suggestion since my desk is unnaturally smooth and I ended up accidentally tossing shit all over the room. Was like a freaking slip ‘n silde.

So now that you got that, take those pliers I mentioned and lodge them through the pin like so:

With some finagling, you should be able to gently open the pin enough to shove the foot/lower leg piece back in.

Ultimately what will happen is you’ll be able to get the peg between the pin enough to keep it open while you remove the pliers, and from there you shove the leg back into place with a small “click.”

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of this part since it requires such finagling, the entire process took maybe thirty seconds between getting the pin opened and shoving the leg piece back into place.


Fiddling with the leg and try bending it a little to make sure it’s all in place. Keep in mind that leg will be slightly looser than it was, but it’s still plenty secure. And you now know how to fix it in case of future snags!

Good as new, if awkwardly posed. (Also just above her head you can see Leviathan! Yeah he’s still being worked on, but unwanted illnesses have been getting the way.)

And now that you’ve fixed that, there is an easy way to avoid things like this happening in the future.

Take a cup of warm to hot tap water, and just let your MH soak their feet for a bit to loosen the shoes, making them easier to get off:

These blasted but gloriously fashionable culprits tore the legs off my CAM set next. (Luckily those are supposed to be able to come off, so it’s no worries!)

It also should be noted that Mattel now makes their Monster High shoes with a softer type of plastic(these shoes are from a Wave 1 doll from 2010), making them in comparison MUCH easier, but this is still a good failsafe tactic if anything’s a little snug.

I hope this helps someone, and I hope I was able to explain this well enough. If there are any questions, our ask box is always open!

~ R

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