Hey! Can you pretty please post more extreme mods? I love seeing the faceups and all but it's always fun to see heavily modified dolls :D

I’ll be sure to find some! 8) Right now I’m in school and getting ready for portfolio day this weekend, but afterwards I’ll set up the queue properly and I’ll be certain to add some more extreme ones. There’s just not that many around, so it’s hard to find them!

Hey! I was wondering if I could ask for some advice? I'm a first timer and I have my eye on a doll from WITHDOLL. Only problem is I haven't seen any discussion of the company anywhere and that's kind of making me wonder if there's a reason for that. Have you heard good or bad things about WITHDOLL? Anything I should know before making up my mind? Thanks in advance! :>

Withdoll’s great! I find it strange you haven’t found a discussion on them. Den of Angel’s got one here(part 6! That’s pretty popular) for their MSDs and here’s a waiting room.

WD is pretty well sculpted, imo. Somewhere impldoll and volks for their heads and iplehouse and fairyland for their bodies. Their biggest dolls are only 45cm, though, so if you’re an SD collector they’re probably not for you. Their posing’s slightly limited, but not bad— their limitations don’t make what they can do look unnatural.

Oh, also, apparently, Withdoll has a tumblr account!

I tried using liquitex on my monster high doll and it keeps coming out tacky. What am I doing wrong?

Liquitex sealant, paint, or gloss/other varnish? If it’s the sealant, which I’m kinda betting it is, Liquitex Soluvar Matte sealant isn’t a good choice for Monster Highs because of this factor.

Actually this is kind of weird because I was like 99.9% certain someone had mentioned this way-back-when I was testing this sealant and I had posted it affirming this….. but I can’t find it tagged, damn…. :x

Just use some acetone, warm water, and unscented dish soap to remove it and start over! Don’t use brush cleaner for this, it can leave the head with a really weird texture. Also don’t leave the acetone sitting on the head, use a paper towel or cotton ball to rub it on and rinse immediately.

White damask by Arlequeen M
[Dollgru #12]

White damask by Arlequeen M

[Dollgru #12]

do you know if angelesque is a good place to buy a first bjd? ^^

Yup! Angelesque is a dealer located in the UK. (
They have a 9-page long review thread on DOA, with recent 2014 additions being nothing but positive.)

Keep in mind that since they are a dealer, orders are not placed with a company as they are received! Dealers wait until a certain time— depending on the quantity and frequency of orders— to place one large group order with a company. It’s become more common now for dealers to list their next ordering dates, or you can email them in advanced. It can be as frequent as every week or only once or twice a month.

This means there is anywhere from a week to a two month’s extra wait time, but you don’t have to pay absurd EMS shipping costs direct from the company. (Also many dealers include freebies, like keychains, plushes, or even DVDs!)


That awkward moment when your BJDs start collecting BJDs.(And painting them, too.)


So in the BJD we pretty much exclusively use paypal, right? It’s safe and secure and as of November 18, 2014 it just got a WHOLE lot safer for us to buy from new companies without worrying about production times outlasting the dispute filing window!

tl;dr Paypal is updating their policy, instead of only 45 days to open a claim/dispute on a transaction, you now have 180.

There are a couple more updates you can read about here, but I thought this particular update was SUPER GREAT!!

For blushing MH: use MSC before and/or lightly sand the area you want to blush, blush, then seal. Also, sanding helps to get rid of sculpted panties and seamlines which both make blush looks bad especially on the legs. And it is actually more easy that you could expect.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks! 8)

How do I blush a monster high doll body? Dose the type of pastel affect it, because I've been trying and can't get it to show any colour.

Are you sealing it? o: Nothing will stick unless you use sealant, especially on Monster Highs! Also don’t use oil pastels, it can cause discoloration in the sealant and/or doll.

Here’s my sealants tag that has a bunch of info about different sealants, although it’s a little lacking in the Monster High section; I should start updating that. ;3;

Pls help me! About what size wigs do Dream of Doll D.O.B wear? And would YoSD size clothes fit them?

D.O.B’s are about 26cm tall, or 1/6 scale, otherwise known as YoSD, so yes— YoSD clothes will fit them. x) They were size 6/7 wigs and take 14mm, but you can also use low-dome 16mm if you want more of the iris and pupil to show than whites of the eyes.

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