WOW busy summer is BUSY. (And honestly breaking my wrist obviously didn’t help).

I’m gonna be queuing some posts and answering questions today! So if you’re not in the BJD hobby and find these answers unhelpful, please blacklist #fybjdm asks if you don’t wish to see them!

I’m considering making a blog just for questions, and redirect what questions I have in my inbox to it but since I’ve been so busy we’ll see how stuff plays out.


He’s got a name! by harlowkitty on Flickr.


He’s got a name! by harlowkitty on Flickr.


Ball-jointed Dragons by Cuarto~

I need 20



1/9 Dolls Party Work in progress!! Maleficent Monster High… #monster #High #repaint #doll #toy #ooak #maleficent #epoxy #sculpey #airbrush #acrylic #Malefica #muñeca #custom #acrilico #green #verde #unica #horns #cuernos by Garo Doll on Flickr.

Beautiful work!



1/9 Dolls Party Work in progress!! Maleficent Monster High… #monster #High #repaint #doll #toy #ooak #maleficent #epoxy #sculpey #airbrush #acrylic #Malefica #muñeca #custom #acrilico #green #verde #unica #horns #cuernos by Garo Doll on Flickr.

Beautiful work!



My latest Junk Doll project; an old Volks F-05 (now F-03).

You know my secrets about de-yellowing resin; now I must kill you.

…just kidding! Spread the word and try it yourself. :)

Great tutorial, wow! Thank you so much!

for your dark skin master list you might wanna add it to include that both impldoll and mirodoll now offer custom color options if you contact them.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to make a note of it! In the meantime here’s a link to Mirodoll and Impldoll.

Have any great dark-skinned bjd artists out there? It just doesn't seem like there are very many dark skinned bjds and that is a shame

Are you speaking of companies or faceup artists? I’m assuming companies in this context, but if I’m mistaken, let me know! To be honest, if I had to choose my least favorite aspect of the BJD hobby it’d be the severe lack of dark-skinned options. 8( Or when there are, it’s either limited/exclusive or has a severe risk of damage (severe discoloration, etc.)

I do have a masterpost list of all companies that offer dark-skin options. Also I’ll be making an applicable post shortly about some neat Dollshe news I’m like three months behind on.

My personal experience, Iplehouse is a the forerunner of dark-skin options. Their resin is pretty close to perfect on this matter and has very little risk of damage, or at least no more than light-skin options.


Super happy I finally got the chance to finish this girl up :)!! I was super excited about painting a second Whisp custom :D Work has been giving me crazy hours so I never got consistent time to work on her but ahh it’s so nice to finally have her finished and glossed ^___^


Further progress on Madrik’s ‘tattoos’. I got this all done a while ago but I only just now got the chance to take photos. Still a LOT to do. I love the texture of it all. I plan on making some solid parts, as well, but most of the work will be full of details. 

Madrik is a Soom FC NS Sard on a Chalco body
Eyes are also Soom


The “Flash on dolls”-guide.

Having a cheap camera is no excuse for making bad pictures. You CAN make good pictures with a simple point and click camera too, you don’t need a expensive DSLR.

So you want to make a quick picture of your doll(s) in the evening/nighttime and in your room? Don’t turn the flash off. The picture will get grainy and yellowish (and probably shaky) - but don’t just shot and click.

Hold a mirror in front of the flash - and make sure that its close enough, otherwise you’ll get one really light area and lots of dark on your picture.

The mirror will redirect the flashlight and let it bounce of your room walls - which leads to softer light that direct lightning. And voila, better picture!
You may need to play a bit around with angles of the mirror - different angles of course lead to different lightning. And of course.. .the closer you are to the wall, the lighter the redirected light. I don’t have experience with colored wall or rooms with little to no free wall, you need to test that ;)


Tag me along if anyone tests it :D I hope the guide is useful.

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